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How to Get a Job Immidiately After your NYSC Service Year in any Company 2018 | NYSC Job Recruitment 2018

How to Get a Job Immediately After your NYSC Service Year in any Company 2018 | NYSC Job Recruitment 2018

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Going to University for a study is a different case and Getting a Reputable Job for a life time is another different case altogether.
But if you ask me, i will say that the main reason why we are Educated Intellectually is to make a living either by seeking for a Job or becoming a Self employed.

NYSC Job Recruitment 2018

A Lots of Graduate want to get a good, Reputable work from any recognize Company’s ,Industry or Firms immediately they are out of their NYSC Service Year.
On this article, i will give out some guide that one can take to ensure a good Job as when due for Service.

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How to Get a Job Immidiately After your NYSC Service Year in any Company 2018 | NYSC Job Recruitment 2018

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Getting a Good Job after NYSC

Getting a good job after NYSC is actually every graduates dream and daily prayer but you can only fulfill that dream by getting up and working, a speaker once said ‘dreams are free, so do not be afraid to dream BIG, but please wake up and act on the dream and don’t sleep all day’ (paraphrased).

Now the question is how do I get a job after NYSC? The answers are outlined below as a guide that is more favorable to those still in the service; they still have time to build their networks and make useful friends

Build Your Network before Graduating

It is said that one day our network will become our net-worth. Even a local saying in Nigeria implies that he who has people (i.e. connections) is greater than he that has just money alone.

Being in a university or polytechnic is a perfect time for you to decide the career choice you wish to pursue and network with people who will be more likely to help you climb the ladder or get you a good job after NYSC.

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Create a Top Quality and Attractive CV

Your CV is your spokesperson in your absence. It is shocking how many graduates don’t even search around on how to get their CV well packaged and instead use obsolete and insufficient CVs to apply for all the job vacancies they hear or read about.

Offer to Work for Free or For Little Pay

To many students or even graduates it sounds very difficult but offering to work for free means you gain in two ways;

i) You garner the required experience that you can use when applying for jobs
ii) You most times (if you are a graduate) end up being offered a job by the company when a vacancy comes up if you have proved to be capable and a good worker.

Get on the Mail List of Reputable Job Sites

Even before you graduate try and get on the mailing list or register with reputable job sites that regularly publish job vacancies from various companies and recruiting organizations.

Follow Companies in Your Target Job Category

It pays also to follow news and information on several companies in your target job category so you can be informed on new areas of job opportunity within those companies. Since you have less to do follow up sources that will help you land a job after NYSC.

With this little Guide, I know that it will go along way to ensure that you get recruited by any company.


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