Canada Visa Lottery Application Form | How to apply for a FREE trip to Canada 2019

You want to know more on Canada visa lottery application form 2019/2020? If yes, then you have to read through this post so as to know the right information on how to apply for the Visa lottery from any part of the world. This post consists of different types of Canada visa lottery application form 2018, how you can apply for the lottery from any part of the world and lots more.

Canada visa lottery application form 2018

It is of no doubt that many people from different parts of the world wish to have a trip to Canada for various reasons. Majority of these people come from Nigeria. Hence, this post will assist you on things you would do for your Visa application to be granted.

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Types of visa available

Here are list of Canadian Visa lottery application form 2018:

There is no limitation to Canada Visa lottery application form 2019. Therefore, anyone who wish to apply can do so whether physically challenged or not, blind, deaf, dumb, married or not, etc.

Application procedures for Canada visa lottery application form 2019

  1. Log on to the application portal Here;
  2. Choose your evaluation form;
  3. Fill in your contact information;
  4. Type in your personal profile details;
  5. Personal Net worth (not more than and not lower);
  6. Work history if any;
  7. Relatives/friends in Canada (if any);
  8. Canadian job offer;
  9. Languages you speak;
  10. Then SUBMIT.

Important Notice

  • Canadian Visa lottery application form 2018 is absolutely free of charge, therefore, do not pay money to any individual or group requesting for money for assistance.
  • Make your application in person;
  • Always visit this site to get more information regarding to Canada Visa lottery application form 2018.


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26 thoughts on “Canada Visa Lottery Application Form | How to apply for a FREE trip to Canada 2019

  1. Hi Canada visa lottery team this is Krishna pambala from India Hyderabad I am interesting in this program please help me how is participate tell me rules and regulations.

  2. Hi i am dr avais radiologist by profession love to work and live in canada ,kindly help me out to understand whole process os settling there

  3. My name is metholall sirjoo i love to come to canada to visit and work and service your country i hear canada is a beauitful country

  4. My name is Abdikarin Mahamed omer live in Ethiopia Iam interest lottery of Canada please call me my contact number is +251929472913

    1. Full name abdi mohamud muktar
      nationality Ethiopian
      sex male
      knowledge bachelor degree
      Exprience 6 years
      phone number +251915064209
      this is golden chance to trival Canada iam very pleased

  5. hi my name is Nasra yousuf hariir I live Somalia I’m interested study in Canada and visa lottery
    how to Apply please help me how

  6. Hi,my name’s :Mohamed Atteyeh Robleh
    I live in djibouti,east Africa my request is a Canadian visa bcse i love to live and work in Canada bcse Canada it’s a best country in the world they welcomed more refugees around the world

  7. I greet you all for giving me opportunity to apply i want you give me opportunity to serve canada with my intelligence and skillful and save me of powerty and unemployment thank you.

      1. My name is sharmaake cabdullahi xashi I need the government of canada to except me l need education in free l need to give me visa canada my nationality is Somalia plz and plz except me

    1. Hello dear I am also want applay for canada Visa but do not know how,is it any one to assist me I will paying to that person 500 Us dolers.

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