Fashion Designer | Tips and How to be a Good Fashion Designer Quickly

Become a good Fashion Designer for a night is not possible because it must be followed gradually and step by step. Many people would like to be a good Fashion Designer in the future because of the kind of money that they are expected to make from it.

Tips to Become a good Fashion Designer

Yes, I know that Tailoring is a professional work that can sustain ones career for a lifetime. But the issue is “How Can one meet up with Tailoring and become good at it?”. On this ground, I will be dropping some information and steps to be carried out while trying to become a good tailor within few days. From my research, I discovered that tailoring is a professional work and a self employed company which one can easily practice and became his/her own Boss.

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How to Become a Good Tailor Under One Month

Below are some steps to make your learning experience better.

  • First thing you will need to do is leave any desires of grandeur, big dreams, ego and enthusiasm at the door. While these are important, they will only hurt you in the beginning.
  • Be humble and respectful not only to the art of tailoring but to the contributors as well. They have years of experience and are willing to share, so in return take in, evaluate and apply their advice if applicable.
  • Remember tailoring has a thousand years of oral traditions passed from master to apprentice. It has only been present, in the long history of tailoring, that these “secrets” have been put to paper. As the trade is no longer a large as it once was apprenticeships are few and far between and at the present moment this forum IS the best resource to learning the art of tailoring. As mentioned before though, it is NOT a replacement for learning from a tailor in person.
  • Make an effort: Take a little self initiative with the following advice and put it straight to practice. The more you show, the more willing we are to give input and advice to help you develop your skills.
  • Lastly, we will be honest with you even if you are not honest with yourself. We have passion for what we do and as such respect the art and science of the trade. With this understood, not being honest in our thoughts and actions will be disrespectful to the trade. Also bearing this in mind, some posts by contributors my come off or perceived as condescending and/or condemning in nature, this is not the case.

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Unlike costuming or home sewing forums where everyone is nice and give compliments over every little thing, we will not. So please do not take it to heart, as professionals we have professional standards. This is good, as you will always know we will be honest in our critiques, which will help you better yourself in the end.

With this little information that you have gotten from here, I think you can do more on Fashion Designer Tailor anytime and anywhere. You can also drop your comment or question with us if need be.

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