Keke Business | How to Make N15,000 on a Daily Basis in Driving Keke Napep

One of another Lucrative business that one can engage oneself is the transportation business such as the keke business. In transportation business World wide, especially in developing countries, travelling and movement of people and goods is considered as one of the basic activities that goes on.

Keke Business

To cut this whole story short, as we all know, driving keke is also considered to be a lucrative business because of its function and one can make some money out of it either by direct or indirect earnings. On this topic, we have made mention of ‘making N15,000 on daily basis’ which I know very well that it is very much possible.

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Everything is possible if you make time for it: So, one can easily make such amount of money on daily basis depending on how hardworking and smart the person is. But there are some preparation which you need to know for a keke business.

Doing it Yourself: In case you choose to operate the machine yourself, the result will encourage you to do more. Daily, you could make N4-7 000 depending on the turn out of passengers in your location. But there are other charges apart from the N5000 registration fee. You are required to pay to the Association fee of N400 – N1000 daily, known as (owo itaa) part of the money goes into government purse.

The maintenance is cheap, the parts are readily available, N1,000 fuel could take you for the whole day if your carburetor is sound enough. Remember, maintenance is the key to success when you are using Keke Napep.

You easily make N5,000 per day with your Tricycle if you are operating it yourself. This means, you will be making about N150,000 monthly after expenses. In a year you are talking about N1.5 million minimum earning.

You can decide to expand on this business after a year or chose something else doing. How do you see this? Is it lucrative enough for you or not?

Make More Money Renting Keke Napep Tricycle

How it works will help you to decide if renting will be the best or not. However, it is highly productive to purchase as many quantities as your hands can carry, since that will give room for long term profits.

Case study, if you rent 5 Tricycles at the cost of six hundred and fifty thousand naira (N650.000), your will be making massive benefits in a year estimated to be around one million-two hundred and fifty thousand naira (N1,250,000).
Now, Pay Close Attention to this.

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This business of Keke Napep Business in Nigeria, depends on what is tenable in the part of Nigeria where you reside. The scope of this this article, depends also on the time frame as at when it was written. Other states however, may pose slight changes in business operations and turnovers.

You might want to rent your tricycle if you can’t purchase one on your own. Renting of Keke Napep could be at the cost of N650,000. You can pay for your Keke Napep or the tricycle Week by week. Installment of 15,000 for the length of 10 months.

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